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Kazakh independent rating agency for providing education quality (IQA)a view to preparing for the necessary stakeholders, including individuals concerned, of information, the last few years has been working on understanding and study of various aspects of higher education institutions, using the results of their own social research, the official government information, the information received from the university.


In 2013, Kazakh independent agency announced a new ranking of the best universities in Kazakhstan on the basis of academic performance, the results of analyzes of experts.

Methods for calculating the main institutional rankings based on the survey, consisting of three parts:

The first survey assesses the academic resources of the university, this part of the allocated 60%, data are compiled from data generated by universities themselves, the second survey - an assessment of the quality of higher education institutions - 10% third survey - a social survey of employers and employees of government agencies - 30%.

The integral summand on the results of these three parts determines the ranking position among groups in higher education.

In determining the ratings of Kazakhstan universities accounted for 4 indices and 32 criteria. Methods of determining the ranking of the independent Kazakhstan Agency (IQAA) of transparency, relevance and validity of indicators.


First indicator shows the quality of the contingent of students and consists of 7 criteria. The first of these - the number of full-time students (of all students). The second criterion is the proportion of students enrolled in the state educational order. The third criterion - the number of PhD graduates and the total number of students. Criteria are also used on the index scale and others. In determining the rankings important role for the achievements of the students in their studies, their victory in national and international competitions.


Second indicator covers a variety of criteria that reflect the quality of the teaching staff of the university, the quality of education. It takes into account the number of teachers of the institution with scientific degrees and titles, the grant "The best teacher of the university," the state awards of the country.


On the 3rd indicator reflects research and innovation potential of the university, paid attention to the state funding of research, the number of scientific publications, see the light in Kazakhstan, the CIS, the articles published in international journals rating. Important criteria included in this indicator are the availability of innovative patents, national laboratories, and industrial parks.


Fourth indicator covers the criteria that indicate the status of the international exchange of students and teachers, the relative number of graduates who have received a scholarship "Bolashak" the Head of State, in cooperation with foreign universities in education programs share invited to give lectures in the first semester of foreign professors, the number of enrolled international students, and is taken into account the level of information support of the university. Some of these criteria include the condition of providing information sites, the number of references to materials, web pages, documents, frequency of updating, user-friendly design and navigation, the presentation of information in three languages ​​(Kazakh, Russian and English).


By the second and third parts of the rating experts and employers evaluate the activities of the university.

Questionnaire survey of employers conducted by different methods: the distribution of questionnaires to the ministries, regions, national companies in the mail, questioning members of the local, small and medium-sized businesses, questionnaires by telephone survey of employers by the direction of e-mail.

The site / rating you can see the results of the integral rating of all three questionnaires on the board.

Thus, the results of Kazakhstan, an independent rating agency (IQAA) among the universities of Kazakhstan on teaching professions first place was awarded to Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University.