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Children`s scientific-practical conference "Steps into science"


The children`s scientific and practical conference "Steps to Science" was held on 11 May, 2018 at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, in the framework of the scientific project of doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Ulzharkyn Abdigapbarova under the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The organization and implementation of various ways of social partnership between the pedagogical university and the employer, above all, is the school, acts as important mechanisms for implementing dual-oriented learning. The event, carried out jointly with school-gymnasium No. 8, reflects the experience of such cooperation (partnership) in the field of scientific research.


The conference was held and organized by the project manager, D.P.S., Professor Ulzharkyn Abdigapbarova, and by the members of the research team of the project C.P.S., associate professor Gulzira Abdullaeva, D.P.S., professor Nadezhda Zhienbaeva, doctoral student of specialty 6D010300 - Pedagogy and psychology Elmira Aytenova.


25 pupils, from the 1st to the 10th grade, the teachers and parents of the School-gymnasium SPU No. 8 in Almaty, the leadership and the faculty of Abai KazNPU attended the conference.


Vice-rector for scientific work and international cooperation Aktolkyn Kulsarieva, director of the Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology, professor Berikzhan Almukhambetov, leading professors and associate professors of our university and institute performed at the opening ceremony of this unprecedented event.


The work of the conference was held in two sections: the section "I am a genius", where students of the 1st and 4th grades presented the results of their studies to the jury members and the "Opening" section, during which students of the secondary and senior schools presented their scientific works.


The members of the jury of the section "I`m a genius" were the project manager, D.P.S., professor Ulzharkyn Abdigapbarova, deputy director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, C.P.S., associate professor Aktol Akzholova, C.P.S., associate professor Larisa Lebedeva, Deputy Director of SHG No. 8 on the profile Natalia Werner, teacher of primary classes of the highest category Valentina Drozdova. The moderator of this section was C.P.S., Associate Professor Assel Akpayeva.


The work of the "Opening" section was accompanied by a moderator, C.P.S., Associate Professor Gulzira Abdullaeva. The members of the jury of this section were the director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, D.P.S., Professor Berikzhan Almukhambetov, D.P.S., Professor Natalia Khan, D.P.S., Professor Nadezhda Zhienbaeva, teacher of Kazakh language and literature of the highest category, C.F.S. Bakhytzhan Abikeeva, teacher of history of the highest category Maryam Ibysheva, teacher of Russian language and literature of the first category Evgenia Orlovskaya.


After the completion of the sections and discussions, the participants of the conference were awarded with diplomas of the 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd degree.


The children`s scientific-practical conference is an invaluable experience of interaction between the school and the university in the scientific direction. It is important for the expansion of the existing positive experience of interaction between the school and the university and assistance in improving the quality of education in schools and vocational training in the university, the status of a modern teacher and, of course, broadening the boundaries of scientific activity.











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