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Republican conference on the modernization of teacher education





On 30 October at the Kazakh National Pedagogical University was held the republican conference «Modernization of teacher education».

The conference was attended by the Vice-Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Askhat Aymagambetov, rectors, vice-rectors for educational work of universities of Kazakhstan, director and deputy directors of pedagogical colleges, heads of education departments, representatives of JSC Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and I. Altynsarin National Academy of Education.

The Vice-Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Askhat Aymagambetov moderated the conference. He noted the value of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev, which refers to the special role of education in improving human capital. According to the vice minister, the existing methodology of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools should be taken as the basis of the general education system. In addition, he stressed the importance of conducting vocational guidance for children in secondary schools, taking into account specialties in demand in economics.

The Chairman of the Board of JSC «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools», Kulyash Shamshidinova, made a presentation on «Modern Teacher: School and University Relations». She focused the attention of the conference participants on the issues of modernization of school education, on the revival of the importance of the teaching profession, on the proper organization of the educational process. The speaker also noted the special role of practical training, innovative teaching methods, the integration of knowledge and technology in the training of teachers.

«The teacher is the key figure in the school», said Kulyash Shamshidinova, «therefore it is very important that the teacher has the skills to give the student the information that he uses in the future to achieve success. It is necessary to organize the educational process. Modern schools are often equipped with laboratory equipment better than universities. With the help of this equipment, you can successfully carry out practical training. The teacher must know his subject, methodology and technology of teaching very well. High standards of pedagogical activity constantly require advanced training of workers in the industry».

Kulash Shamshidinova cited the results of monitoring studies among young teachers: 92.7% of them wished the training to be practical, aimed at developing creative, thinking skills among students; they also noted the need to develop tasks for students of different degrees of complexity, to create an atmosphere of cooperation time lessons.

The Vice-President of I. Altynsarin National Academy of Education Almagul Mukhamedkhanova made a report on the «Translation of the updated content of education, approbation of SCES of primary and secondary education». She voiced the results of the initial analysis of the updated program of universities, which caused many complaints. According to the vice-president, the names of individual modules do not reflect the main content of education, and the modular programs of pedagogical specialties require revision with specification of the learning outcomes and competencies of graduates. The learning outcomes and competencies of the graduate in the updated program do not correspond to the new format of training in high school; the topics of the modules and disciplines are rather outdated. Characterizing the modules of the updated programs of universities in all regions of Kazakhstan, Almagul Mukhamedkhanova said that «... in the studied programs there were not even 20% of documents that could play an important role in achieving the goals set».

Gulnar Khodzhabergenova, Head of the Almaty Department of Education, spoke about the implementation of practice-oriented education by program. She noted an acute shortage of teaching staff. According to the forecasts of the Educational Alliance of Kazakhstan, in 5 years the number of schoolchildren in Kazakhstan will increase to 3.5 million. Accordingly, the burden on teachers and the school will grow by 30%.

Adlet Toibayev, Director of the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education of the MES RK voiced the report «Indicative Indicators of the Roadmap for the Modernization of Teacher Education».

The rector of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University Takir Balykbayev expressed his vision of solving actual problems in the development of education and, in particular, in the training of teachers. The rector said that he intends to render all possible assistance to the process of modernization of education in the republic.

Summing up the results of the conference, Vice-Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aymagambetov said that the ministry would take the necessary measures to eliminate the deficiencies identified in the field of education and proper training of teaching staff. According to him, every graduate of a pedagogical university, as well as schoolteachers, will be certified for knowledge of the subject, methodology, and for digital literacy. «Tough measures will be taken to universities for low employment of graduates. The Ministry will revoke licenses from weak universities. The threshold score for applicants to the pedagogical specialty will be increased», said Askhat Aymagambetov.












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