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Agents of socialization

On February 20, 2020, PhD, senior lecturer of the Department of preschool education and social pedagogy of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology Suranchieva Meiramgul held a scheduled public seminar on the theme «Agents of socialization» for students of the 2nd course of the specialty «5B012300 - Social pedagogic and self-cognition».

The purpose of the seminar is to analyze the influence of socialization factors on the development and formation of personality in the surrounding society. To examine the agents of socialization. Reveal the essence and content of socialization stages.

During this seminar, the main factors of socialization that affect the formation of personality were analyzed. In order to reveal this topic, a podcast was used that reveals the impact of socialization on personal development in society.

In group work, students performed creative tasks that reveal the factors of socialization, and provided examples from the life of the individual. To solve the problem of desocialization, the «Fishbone» method was used. On the basis of the «SWOD» method, the topic of the seminar «socialization Factors» is analyzed. Securing an open session was completed with a postcasting display.

During the classes, students worked in groups, showed creative abilities, and formed convergent thinking through the interactive methods used.

Meiramgul Suranshieva realized herself as a competent, mobile specialist who meets all the requirements of higher education.







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