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Doctoral students participate in the Science Decade


As part of the Decade of Science on April 8, 2019 at the Department of Russian Language and Literature of KazNPU. Abay held a doctoral research seminar for 1-3 courses, where a second-year doctoral student of the specialty Russian Language and Literature Gulnara Abdiyeva delivered a presentation on «The Conceptualization of the phenomenon of «respect» in modern linguistic culture».

Many interesting ideas and questions related to the use of the term «respect» in modern society and in various cultures have aroused the interest of all those present at the seminar. During the presentation of the material studied, the listeners noted the relevance of the thesis topic, the timeliness and practical significance of the problems studied.

After the report, the head of the department of Russian language and literature, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Saule Abisheva and Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Gulmira Kazhigalieva, made recommendations and suggestions that will help the doctoral candidate in achieving the best end result.

Conducting such scientific seminars on the basis of the department has become a good tradition. After all, they provide fertile ground for communication, exchange of views and become a platform for testing scientific ideas.





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