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Labour union
 Ibraimov Mukhtar Botabayuly
Chairman of the Union

Kazybek bi 30

Trade Union Committee (trade union) is the internal structure of the Federation of Trade Union of Education and Science and the pool on a voluntary basis, faculty and staff of the university.


The trade union committee in its work independent from the government and employers, politicians and other public organizations that are not accountable and answerable to them. Relationships with them are based on equal cooperation and partnership principles.

The main objectives of the trade union committee of the University are :

- Activities aimed at the protection of socio- economic, labor and other rights and interests of members of the trade union organization ;


- Public control over observance of labor legislation, legislation on occupational health and safety in order to create a safe working environment;

- Carrying out recreational activities among union members and their families, recreation, mass physical culture, etc. ;

- Participation in the conduct of cultural events of the university.


At present, the social situation of university staff in many ways defines the relationship between the administration and the trade union committee, recorded in the «collective agreement «guaranteeing protection of the rights and interests of the faculty and staff of the university». «Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan" establishes only minimum terms and conditions that determine labor relations between workers and employers. Therefore, a number of issues that determine the socio- economic situation of workers can be solved by means of a collective agreement between management and the trade union committee ( partial reduction of tuition fees for children of employees of the University upon successful passing of testing and admission to the university staff in absentia students at the university; benefits to employees who work in hazardous conditions , in the form of supplements to the basic salary , welfare as working teachers and pensioners , former employees of the university, veterans and labor , partial payment of the cost of medical trips , etc.)