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Research work of Institute of arts, culture and sport in 2018


The staff of Institute of arts, culture and sport in 2018 executed 13 manuals on subjects of art and music education, physical culture and gender approach in education and art, published albums with researches in the field of historical and cultural places and a pilgrimage of RK and and works of modern artists of Kazakhstan.


Manuals are devoted to tool training of the music teacher, holding seminar classes in applied biomechanics, mastery when conducting by chorus and to other disciplines of an educational cycle.


Teachers published 8 scientific articles in magazines with a high impakt-factor on problems of art, sports and music education in various foreign countries.


2018 was marked by the active participation of the teaching staff of the Institute in research projects under the auspices of MES RK, the Kazakh Research Institute of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of RK, and in research projects for the grant of the rector of Abai KazNPU. 6 scientific projects in which cultural values were studied in the context of the idea «Manguilik el» were executed, the scientific and methodological foundations and the architectural and design concept of the international children`s and youth center of world civilizations «Arman» are defined, features of modern Kazakh culture in the global world are studied.


The list of themes of dissertations of undergraduates and doctoral students for 2018-2019 studies


List of monographs and manuals by teachers 2018 year

Scientific projects of teachers 2018 уеаr

The list of scientific articles with impakt-factor IICaS 2018 уеar