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Intellectual and cognitive competition " ZHULDYZDY SAT "
( "Starry  moment" )

April 11, 2016 at the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai at the initiative of the Department of "Pedagogy and Psychology " passed cognitive and intellectual competition "Zhuldyzdy sat." In order to prepare competitive specialists, as well as for the purpose of educating students for education, respect, organization; and explaining to students that there are different ways to achieve their goals festival was organized between the departments of the institute "Pedagogy and Psychology "such as the department of "General and Applied Psychology", Department "Specialized training", Department of "Pedagogy and methodology of primary school education", Department of "Pre-school education and social pedagogy".
On behalf of the above departments involved in the competition of the 6 best students with in-depth knowledge with a high intellect. Participants competed on the basis of a special program, which is described in the essential requirements and consists of 6 rounds ( 1 round of "Success" , 2 - tour "Zhorga" , 3 - round "Personality" , 4 - tour "Excellent support" , 5- tour "Do you know ?", "My favorite University" 6-round ) .
The jury of the competition were respected teachers and exemplary university identity: Director of the Institute "Pedagogy and Psychology " Kenesbay S.M., Deputy Director of the Institute "Pedagogy and Psychology " of Studies Akzholova A.T., deputy director of the Institute "Pedagogy and Psychology " part of the educational Maldybaev K.B., head of the department "Pedagogy and Psychology" Abdygapbarova U.M.
By decision of the fair members of the jury, having passed all stages successfully and demonstrate their knowledge of the teams was awarded a place in the following manner : 1-ranked Department of "Pre-school education and social pedagogy" , 2nd place "Pedagogy and Psychology", 3 - seat chair of " Pedagogy and methodology primary school education" and the department "General and applied psychology" and "specialized training" were awarded encouraging prizes.
In general, we received a special impression of intellectual and cognitive competition "Zhuldyzdy sat". This competition was like a proof of the high level of education, speed of thinking, patience and perseverance.


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