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 Autayeva Akbota Nursultanovna
Head of the Chair
Candidate of psychological sciences, Associate professor
Tole bi st, 31


Training of teachers for the system of special education in the Republic of Kazakhstan began in 1975.

In 1975-1976 academic year, on the basis of the Philological Faculty of KazPI named after Abay, a group of 53 people was opened to train defectologists in the specialty of a teacher and speech therapist of a secondary school.

In 1976, the first defectology faculty was opened in the Abai KazPI. He was the first in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The department was headed by Doctor of Psychology Namazbaeva Zh.I.

In 1976, the Faculty of Defectology was opened in the KazPI Abay. At the faculty there was one department of «Oligophreno pedagogy». The chair was headed by Ph.D. Suleimenova R.A.

In 1980, at the Faculty of Defectology in the KazPI Abay, the Department of Speech Therapy and Psychopathology was opened. This was the second department of the Faculty of Defectology. It was led by Lutskina R.K. invited from Irkutsk Pedagogical Institute.

In the 1985-1986 school year, the first students were admitted to the department Surdopedagogy of the faculty. Then the faculty «Surpedagogy» was opened, it was headed by N.M. Bufetov. Later, he was replaced by the forensic teacher K.T. Ilkhunov.

In 1988 the chair of faculty and faculty of speech therapy and psychopathology were merged. In 1999, in connection with the reorganization of the faculty of the department, they were merged into one currently functioning department of special pedagogy. The chair was headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Omirbekova K.K. In 2007-2008 academic year the department was headed by the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Turgunbaeva B.A., 2008-2009 academic year, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, the senior lecturer Orazaeva G.S. and 2009-2011. - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. professor Bektaeva K.B.

Since 2011 the Department of Special Pedagogics was led by Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Autaeva A.N. Since 2015 the name of the department has been changed to «Special Education».

Teachers of the department of special education, actively prepare and share their experience with young specialists, who every year expand the composition of the department for the successful training of specialists of international level. As of the beginning of the 2017 academic year, the staff of the faculty of the Special Education Department was enlarged by graduates of KazNPU Abay: Bulabaeva S.T., Mirzahmedova U.A., Sardarova Z.O., Moldabaeva A.K., Kalymova A.E.

In connection with the transition to a two-stage and credit system for training specialists with a university education, a package of educational and methodological documents was developed for the specialties «5B010500 - Defectology», «6M010500 - Defectology», «6D010500-Defectology». A new concept of university pedagogical education was created on the basis of which new state standards, qualification characteristics and curricula for specialties «5В010500 - Defectology», «6М010500 - Defectology», «6D010500-Defectology» were developed and implemented.