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6-7.04.2018. Students of the third year of Kazakh and Russian groups took part in the X Republican Student Olympiad in specialty 5B010500-Defectology, which was held in Pavlodar, Pavlodar State Pedagogical University.

Students participating in the Olympiad:
Kazakh group

1. Isalyeva Saule Yuzbaevna
2. Good Madina Bakitzhanovna
3. Aizarka Zh. Aidarkulova
Russian group
1. Turdiyeva Insizar Polatovna, 3-course
2. Urazova Nargiz Maratovna, 3-course
3. Khalikova Gulnara Bolatbekovna, 3-course
The leaders of the groups are the senior lecturer of the department of special pedagogy Nurlanbekova А.D. and the teacher Sardarov Z.O.

All the awards were awarded. The Kazakh team received the Best Logopedic Award.Student of the Russian group Intizar Turdieva won the third place in the testing.


1. Assessment of the state of the solved problems of the research work of the unit

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev. in the Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050", which defines the new political course for the development of the nation, puts forward "... the creation of modern and effective education and healthcare systems" as one of the primary goals of the development of our state. At the same time, the course proposed by the President for "... economic pragmatism on the principles of profitability, return from investment and competitiveness", which can be considered as a principle of management of educational systems, is also very significant for the development of our state`s educational policy. In our case, this is the problem of integration of the labor market - the system of special education - and pedagogical universities, where specialists are trained to work with children with disabilities.

The urgency of increasing the effectiveness of higher defectology education poses the task of considering reforming so that it can be flexibly and quickly reconstructed, taking into account regional needs in pedagogical personnel for work with children with disabilities in special and general educational organizations. In this case, it is necessary to develop a mechanism for interaction between the systems of higher professional defectology and special education for the implementation of state policy in the field of inclusive education. In this vein, the activity of the department of special education is aimed at the integration of various fields of science and education in the process of training future specialists and the development of a system of social and medical-pedagogical correctional support for children with disabilities.

The research activity of the department of special pedagogy is carried out in close interaction with the educational and methodical work, which allows training personnel on the widest spectrum of specialties and directions. Its priority areas are:
Search and applied research in the field of special pedagogy and psychology.
Introduction of the results of scientific research into the practice of the work of special educational organizations and general education organizations working in the regime of inclusive education.
Development of educational programs, educational and educational literature for universities and special education organizations.
Participation in activities aimed at the exchange of scientific and practical experience on an international and national scale (conferences, seminars, etc.).
The subject of research of the staff of the department of special education is determined in the mainstream of scientific research of the department on the topic "Scientific and methodological support of special education systems and higher defectology education".

The main tasks of the research work of the department:
- conducting relevant scientific research that contributes to the development of advanced national science in the field of training specialists in the system of special education;
- enrichment of the educational process with the results of scientific research in the field of training specialists in the system of inclusive education;
- Increase of scientific qualification of the teaching staff in the republic and abroad;
- preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff (doctoral, master, bachelor);
- the development of textbooks, teaching aids and TMC for pedagogical workers in the system of special education, universities dealing with the preparation of teachers-defectologists; students of special education organizations;
- reviewing, examination of textbooks, teaching aids, monographs, scientific articles and reports, TMC, GOSO, etc .;
- development and editing of educational programs, textbooks, teaching aids, monographs, scientific articles and reports;
- information support of the university library;
- cooperation with scientific organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad;
- work in the composition of expert commissions, editorial boards of scientific journals, scientific associations.


2. Urgency, novelty of scientific research, unrepeatability of scientific topics

The investigations carried out by the Department of Special Education are determined by the social order for the scientific, theoretical and methodological support of the process of teaching children with disabilities. These directions are also determined by the needs of development and management of the social sphere of the special education system. Areas of scientific interests of the department staff correspond to the main defectology specialties in the preparation of students: "Logopedics", "Oligophrenopedagogics", "Surdopedagogics", "Teflopedagogika".

A special place in scientific research of the department of special education is the issue of teaching children with disabilities in the Kazakh language. In Kazakhstan in recent years there has been an active process of reforming preschool and school education in line with the ethno-cultural orientation of teaching children with disabilities, the formation and development of personal characteristics of children on the basis of Kazakh ethno-pedagogy and ethnopsychology. In this case, the Department of Special Education of KazNPU named after Abai initiated the scientific and methodological substantiation of the content of special education, built on bilingual and bicultural basis.
PPP of the department continues work on the development of educational and methodological support for the process of teaching children with disabilities in the Kazakh language in special (correctional) schools. Such works are of particular importance in the socialization of Kazakh children who have any deviation in development, their national identity. The Department also develops training programs, textbooks and teaching materials for pre-school and school special education organizations with Russian and Kazakh languages.

The themes of the projects of the department were examined (MES RK 2018-2020).
1. "Managing the process of assessing the learning achievements of students with special educational needs."
2. "Development of the concept of psychological support for prevention and correction of deviant behavior of adolescents and its implementation in the pedagogical process of general and special schools."
3. "Substantive aspects of training specialists for a system of inclusive education".


3. Innovation of scientific projects

Strengthening the integrative processes of the special education system and pedagogical universities will be one of the most promising innovative resources for improving the quality of education for children with disabilities, and will reflect its synergistic effect. The inclusion of technology monitoring personnel in the special education system, based on the maintenance in an automated mode of a set of databases on the needs of areas in specialists, the number of graduates of pedagogical universities, as mandatory, will help optimize the development strategy for a unified educational space for children with disabilities.

4. Participation of employees in scientific events of external scientific organizations

The faculty took part in foreign and republican events of external scientific organizations on problems of special and inclusive education:
1.Detection and Analysis of Adaptation and Transcendental Components of Achievement Motivation. The program of all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences in the international community is held in the Ukrainian language: traditions, customs and perspective. Київсько національному університетіімені Тараса Шевченка) 21-22 квітня. Kiev. 2017 (Zhienbaeva NB).

2.Comparison of conceptual developments of models of the communicative subject LS Vygotsky and M. Bakhtin. International scientific and methodical conference "Trends and prospects of development of modern psychological science and practice". KazGU it. Alfarabi. December 7, 2017 (Zhienbaeva NB).
3.XIII international correspondence scientific-practical conference. Scientific forum: Pedagogy and psychology. 07.12.2017., Moscow (Sardarova ZO, Zavalishina OV).
4.XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference "The latest scientific achievements". March 15-22, 2017. - Sofia, Bulgaria (Bekbaeva ZN).
5. Collaboration with scientific organizations, universities, including Nazarbayev University.
Teachers of the Department of Special Education took part in projects financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
6 teachers took part in the 055-Program of Applied and Applied Research "Scientific and Scientific and Technical Activities". Base - National Scientific and Practical Center for Correctional Pedagogy (Abaeva GS, IA, Ibatova GB, Orazaeva GS, Omirbekova KK, Tulebieva GN, Daurambekova AA) .
7 teachers took part in the scientific project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to develop curricula for special (correctional) preschool and school education organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Base - National Academy of Education named after I.Altynsarin (NAO), NNPTS KP (Abaeva GS, Autataeva AN, Denisova IA, Zhalmuhamedova AK, Orazaeva GS, Omirbekova K.K. ., Tulebieva GN).
Zhalmukhamedova A.K. took part in the preparation of the National Report "Youth of Kazakhstan-2017".


5. Increase the potential of scientific organizations through training of employees within the country and abroad, including the Bolashak program

1.In 2017 the teaching staff of the department, the trainees, received 36 certificates for passing the refresher courses in Kazakhstan and abroad.
2.Two teachers made scientific trips to the Republic of Kazakhstan (Butabaeva LA, etc.).
3.3 teachers, undergraduates and doctoral students made scientific foreign business trips (Ibatova GB, etc.).
4.The share of women performing research and development from the total number of researchers is 93.3%
5.Equipment with modern equipment in the reporting year.

The chair is equipped with modern equipment: 5 computers, 3 printers, copier, multimedia projector, interactive whiteboard, TV. The department has 4 offices, which are designed for specializations "Speech therapy", "Surdopedagogics", "Oligophrenopedagogics", "Teflopedagogika", a cabinet of medical disciplines.