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April 21-22, 2016, within a month of "Psychological preparation for UNT - a pledge of emotional stability graduates" Resource Advisory Centre on Inclusive Education for the Republic of Kazakhstan universities and preventive suicidology with the assistance of the City Education Department methodical cabinet of Almaty held training workshop "The formation of stress among secondary school graduates and college students".
In the training workshop was attended by representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty, Kazakhstan`s Association of Psychologists, Women`s Leadership Fund, Ltd. «Medical company Sunkar» Training Center, School deputy directors on educational work, school psychologists, social workers and others.
A welcoming speech to the participants of the training seminar was Director of Resource Advisory Centre on Inclusive Education for the Republic of Kazakhstan universities and preventive suicidology, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Movkebayeva Z.A. and head of the spiritual and moral education and self- study of the Almaty City methodical cabinet of the Department of Education Aliyeva E.M.
Following the general theme of the month, during the seminar dealt with the key issues of preventive correction in preparation for UNT, raised topical issues such as the prevention of suicide among adolescents and young people, parental responsibility for the emotional state of the graduates, psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process.
For two days, members of the Resource Center conducted various trainings to enhance the stress that had a practical orientation, the participants were shown the psychological exercises, techniques and technology.

The participants of the training workshop were introduced to the basic elements of psychological relaxation, body-oriented psychotherapy, psycho-diagnostics computer, technology gaining a sense of confidence, phototherapy. The presentation format was shown a selection of websites and online computer games dedicated to suicide.
As the invited participants were representatives of Ltd «Medical company Sunkar» (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and Information and Consultation center "psychometrics" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), which showed computer psycho-diagnostics program and the main features of photography in contemporary psychology.

At the end of the workshop the participants solemnly awarded training certificates.
The seminar was very rich and practical orientation, received positive feedback from participants.


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