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On April 20, 2016, in accordance with the order of the №01-05-11 20.01.2016 of academician S.Zh.Praliуev the first time at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, the chair of pedagogy and psychology  organized competition among masters of pedagogical sciences .
The participants were from 6 Institutes: "Pedagogy and Psychology", "Philology", "Natural science and Geography", "Mathematics, Physics and Informatics", "Law and History" , "Arts, culture and sports" .
Olympaid was opened by greeting speech of first vice - rector M.Y.Yermaganbetov. Chairman of the jury was M.Y.Yermaganbetov and members of jury were doctors of pedagogical science, professor: Abdigapbarova.U.M, Turgunbayeva.B.A, Zhienbayeva C.N and doctor of psychological sciences, professor Madalieva Z.B.

Purposes of the Olympaid to improve the quality of researchers in teaching training, to identify and support talented young researchers. The head of the pedagogy and psychology chair, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Abdigapbarova.U.M and professor Turgunbayeva.B.A. «Regulations on Olympaid for the masters pedagogical sciences» made following 5 stages:
- Presentation of the results a little research of team on the subject "Formation pedagogical responsibility of students";
- "Research report" - speech about their dissertation (7 minutes, without using presentation material);
- To write estimation on the article;
- Scientific debate on the subject "Science and research person";
- In "Scientific erudition / thinking" stage each participant have to show their scientific thought in the field of scientific research and indicate awareness and willingness.



Olympic winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd places were awarded by charter, pecuniary and different presents.

At the end of Olympaid the best performance was chair of "Pedagogy and Psychology" and undergraduate of this chair had got first degree diploma, in a second place was undergraduate of "Natural sciences and Geography", institute of "History and Law" has third degree diploma.

As well as undergraduates of "Philology" institute, "Mathematics, Physics and Informatics", "Arts, culture and sport" institutions were awarded letters of thanks and encouragement.




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