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Charity Fair "From heart to heart"

No wonder folk wisdom says "If you do good, it is good for you and will come back." Charity is  one of the sacred qualities of our people. As the saying goes, "The soul loves care", each person is obliged to show mercy to orphans. And to help the needy - a sacred duty of each. Compassion - a manifestation of sensitivity and compassion.
By helping others, the person takes a step to a good start. Charity is not only financial help, because to please bring a smile on your face - this is what can give each and it is also charity. Why not do a good job, if it is possible ?!
And so the students, undergraduates of the Chair  of pedagogy and psychology under the guidance of Head of the Chair doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Ulzharkyn M. Abdigaparova organized the fair "From heart to heart". At the fair, selling pastries, sweets, products from beads, jewelry, etc. To perform this fair were involved students, undergraduates and pupils. All students passed the collected amount orphanage. Such activities will be good to find a continuation in the future.






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