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           On 12 April, 2017 on the basis of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics was held pedagogical olympiad "COMPETENT TEACHER OF THE 21st CENTURY", dedicated to significant social dates and held as an innovative open review of knowledge and educational achievements of future teachers in pedagogical disciplines.
               Pedagogical olympiad i.e. this teaching and educational creative work organized annually by Svetlana S. Zhumasheva - associate professor of the general university department of pedagogy, with the aim of developing interest in the pedagogical profession and forming the professional competence of the future teacher of the new innovative school. So, in accordance with the program of Svetlana S. Zhumasheva participants-students of pedagogical specialties "Mathematics", "Physics", "Computer science", "Vocational training" on the 1st theoretical round showed their knowledge in defense the "Portfolio of educational achievements of students". Development of the professional competence of future teachers was also promoted by the " Specialty presentation ", and also by the thematic newspaper exhibition on the discipline "Pedagogical Management". On the next round " Ways of solving contradictions and conflicts in the conditions of the whole pedagogical process of the school" the participants composed and proposed their own solution of pedagogical cases of various subjects, where were evaluated their pedagogical abilities and ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, in a concrete situation. In addition, on the final round "Organizer of educational work" the participants themselves conducted business games, where were assessed their leadership, managerial abilities and knowledge of the interpersonal communication culture. Olympiad finished with the performance of the Olympiad anthem and the awarding of participants.












Information was prepared by the general university department of pedagogy
Head of the department professor K.K Zhampeisova



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