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     On 28 April, 2017 was held musical concert "Melody of the soul" of 1 course undergraduates of the specialty " Pedagogy and Methods of primary education " of the Russian branch. This was the first and final result of the piano training on the subject "Instrumental training", which is included in the list of compulsory subjects for students in the specialty " pedagogy and methods of primary education". The theme of the concert was the human soul as a whole, that`s why we chose this name. That is, the students tried to choose a repertoire that would reflect the different feelings of a person.
Mentor is associate professor of Abai KazNPU Asken K. Makhanova.
Repertoire of the concert included the following compositions:
V "Kamazhay" L.V. Beethoven;
V "Elise" by L.V. Beethoven;
V "Indian Summer" by S. Ward and P. Losito;
V "Variegated cap" by G. Struve;
V " Red Dog" by G. Struve;
V "Strangers in the night" by Bert Kaempfer;
V "From grandmother`s memories" by K. Longchamp-Drushkevich;
V "Speak softly love" by Nino Rota;
V "Titanic" by James Horner;
V "Nocturne" by K. Duysekeev;
V "Kozimnіn karasy" by A. Kunanbayev;
V "Chizhik pondered" L.V. Beethoven.




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