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Meeting with students who came by the Academic Mobility Program

        Academic mobility is the transfer of trainees or research teachers for a specific academic period (including the passage of training or production practice), usually a semester or academic year, to another higher educational institution (domestically or abroad) for training or research, with Mandatory re-registration of established educational programs in the prescribed manner in the form of loans in their institution.
         On April 28, 2017, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs A.T. Akzholova and deputy director on scientific work and international cooperation E.Uaydullakyzy of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology met with students who came to the Institute by the Academic Mobility Program. During the meeting, students named the names of some lecturers who especially liked them. They are: lecturers of the Department of General and Applied Psychology Aisha O. Nadirbekova, Aliya M. Serialieva and Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education Zhupat K. Astambayeva, Zhanar Zhumash, Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy Raziya Y. Karimova, Daria Zh. Azimbayeva , Ulbosyn K. Kiyabayeva, Farida S. Tulegenova.
        The above-mentioned lecturers used innovative technologies and new methods.
        Students who study by the academic mobility program, for strengthen collaboration between universities, expressed their readiness to actively participate in the social and cultural life of the university and olympiads, forums, conferences.

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