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Open microphone: multifaceted specialists of primary education


On 25 April, 2018, within the framework of celebrating the 90th anniversary of the university and the 35th anniversary of the specialty "Pedagogy and methods of elementary education", a meeting "Open microphone: multifaceted specialists in primary education" was held. This meeting was attended not only by students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers, but also graduates of the department, currently working in various organizations of education, science and culture.


Almaz Turalbaeva, a graduate of the department, was the host of the presentation, which introduced invited guests. During the meeting, the guests answered numerous questions from students, shared their experience. In turn, students and undergraduates told about the motives for choosing this profession and plans for the future.


One of the guests - the graduates of the department, now the well-known TV presenter Erganat Kopzhasarov, in his speech expressed deep gratitude to the teachers of the department and noted that the knowledge he received at the university was a solid foundation in his professional activity. The doctoral student of the department Rausia Izmagulova, the director of the private school "Daryn", told the audience about her experience in creating and organizing the educational process of the profile private school, she wished the students excellent study and fruitful work in the chosen profession.





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