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The Decade of the PMPE Department continues!


On 23 April, within the framework of the decade, an event dedicated to the international activities of the department was held.


This day began with congratulatory words of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of the pre-school and primary education department of the Institute of Psychology of Education of the Kazan Federal University Venera Zakirova. She addressed with kind wishes to the teachers of our department, expressed her gratitude for the fact that we are participating in all the initiatives of their department, and also we hope for further cooperation.


The lecturer of the department Ekaterina Ryabova, responsible for international activities, presented the guests with video of all international events: the preliminary session "The Child in the Network", the round table "Portrait of a Modern Student", the competition of pedagogical skills. Students who took the first place in the international competition "Presentation for the lesson" presented their presentations for lessons (all of these events were previously reported on the site).


With gratitude, the former graduate of the department, now the head teacher of Gymnasium No. 120, named after. M. Begalin Marina Derikoshma made a speech. She noted that the graduates of our department continue to closely cooperate not only with each other, but also with teachers of the department, their senior comrades. In particular, the teacher of the school, in which Marina Derikoshma works, takes part in competitions held by the chairman as members of the jury. They note the creative abilities of students of the current generation and the professional qualities that arise in them.


Larisa Ageeva, associate professor of the Kazakh State Women`s Pedagogical University, in her speech noted the need for such cooperation. Students of different high schools of the same specialty must grow together in their profession, because at school they will work side by side, and today their cooperation will have a beneficial effect on them in the future. They, students, look at each other, learn from each other, help each other.


This event ended with the congratulatory words of Olga Gvenak, the director of the Institute of Humanitarian Education of G.I. Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technological University, teachers and students. They said very kind words addressed to our department. They expressed hope for further cooperation.


We are also glad that our cooperation expands the borders, and we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of other pedagogical universities.







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