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Competition «The best group named after RM. Koyanbayev»


On 18 April, 2018, within the framework of the decade dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the specialty «Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education», the senior teachers Mariam Bekbaeva and Gulzhanar Arynova organized and conducted the contest «The Best Group named after R.M. Koyanbayev» among students of the 1st and 2nd years of the specialty.


The performance of the contest participants was assessed by an independent jury: R.M. Koyanbaeva Kaldan-apay, Doctor Phd of the Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy Anar Alimbekova and master student of the second year of the specialty «Pedagogy and methods of elementary education» Bayan Zhumabay.


Six teams of Kazakh and Russian branches took part in the competition. The competition consisted of 4 rounds:

1 round: Representation of commands,

2 round. The staging «My profession is my pride,

3 round: Performance of a song of own composition dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the specialty,

4 round Execution of the dance.


As a result of the competition, the team «Orys Star» took 1st place. The 2 nd place was shared by the teams «Bastau» and «Samgau». The third place was awarded to the teams «Abay kyzgaldaktary», «Asyl» and «Prosto Klass».


The performance of each of the teams was characterized by a kind of creativity and artistry. Teams were awarded memorable prizes.









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