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Competition-photo exhibition "Through photos to history: yesterday, today and tomorrow"


On 17 April 2018 in the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology within the framework of the decade of "Specialty "Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education"- 35 years", a contest-photo exhibition "Through photographs to history: yesterday, today, tomorrow" took place, in which students and graduates took part specialties.


The purpose of the competition was to develop the professional interest of students in the specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education", increase its authority and create favorable conditions for the development of creative abilities of students.


The winners of the competition were graduates of 1993 - Saduakas Gulbanu, Zhundybaeva Turash and Mazhenov Bagdat. Fourth-year students Baden Balnur and Abdirasil Clara won second place. The third place was awarded to the graduates of 1989 - Maldybaevu Kamil and Azimbaeva Darige. Letters of gratitude were received by the participants of the competition - graduates of 1990 Alimbekova Anar, Kiyakbaeva Ulbosyn and graduates of 1991 Lebedeva Larissa and Akpaeva Asel. The exhibition was interesting and informative; it attracted the attention of students and teachers.


The organizers of the competition were senior teachers Abdyadyrov Aidos and Maldybaev Kamil.









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