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Students and teachers at the citywide clean-up


On 20 October , 2018 students, undergraduates, teachers of «Preschool education and social pedagogy» chair of the Institute of Pedagogy and psychology of Abai Kazakh national pedagogical university went to the citywide cleanup. Cleaning of the territory of the university, intra-educational building Was carried out. everyone worked with great enthusiasm and in the park 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. Students of the 1st and 4th courses, undergraduates of the 1st course and teachers actively participated in the cleanup.

The weather was beautiful. Everyone worked with a good return - as a result of the citywide clean-up the cleaned area shone with cleanliness. Of course, not all the foliage has flown around, and a light breeze every now and then dumped all the new yellow, red, green leaves ... However, nobody`s mood spoiled. Autumn is in full swing - it should be so! Streets and boulevards, squares and parks of our wonderful city after work day as if they were refreshed - it was a pleasure to watch! And we have contributed to this beauty.









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