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«Kuz kelbety»


On 2 November, 2018 at the Institute of pedagogy and psychology of Abai KazNPU, аt the chair «Pre-school education and social pedagogy» was held a master class on the theme: «Kuz kelbety» on the project «ART-technology of collaging as a means of creative development of a individual», which was attended by members of the student club «Lider».

The purpose of the master class: in the project «art technology collage» implementation of the technology of graphic collage is considered as a means of formation of creative abilities of children of preschool age, the main stages of work with collage.

The importance of the master class: the design of joint activities with the use of collage provides the formation of creative abilities of preschool children and the solution of related problems, provides the development of their abilities for life and creative self-realization in modern society. The materials of the project will help teachers to form the activity, independence, creativity of children; to implement personality-oriented development. There are no contraindications to Art therapy, suitable for all ages and categories. Such treatment is carried out voluntarily, without causing resistance and negative attitude. In the process of Art-action a person relaxes, stress is eliminated, his nervous system calms down.








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