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International educational foresight-session the «Child in the network»


5-6 December 2018g. Kazan Federal University and the Department of Pedagogy and methods of primary education held a foresight session «Child in the network» devoted to the problems of interaction between children and the Internet.


The objective of the foresight session. The formation of the young teachers and students of pedagogical and psychological-pedagogical training areas ecologicheski competences and psycho-pedagogical support of children in the modern information environment.


The initiator of this event was the Kazan Federal University. Co-organisers from our side were: doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Asia Zhumabayeva, master of pedagogy, senior lecturer Ekaterina Ryabova.


The foresight session consisted of several parts: First, there was the immersion in the problem field in the championship of case studies and presentation of design solutions; Then the project solution was implemented in practice at the forum theatre.


Students of 2-4 courses, undergraduates of the specialty Pedagogy and methodology of primary education attended the foresight session. After working on the materials of the case, the students presented their projects on the topic of «HYIP».


First place in the championship of pedagogical cases (by decision of the jury) was won by project solution of the team of students «Girls and Zhenya» (Alina Tkacheva, Irina Lagoda, Evgeny Golikov, Oksana Timoshina, Polina Vavrzhenchik, Diyara Setyamova, Irina Romenskikh, Olga Achilova).





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