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Pedagogical Olympiad «Competent teacher of the ХХI century» 


On December 5, 2018 held a pedagogical Olympiad «The Competent teacher of the ХХI century», dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the University held as an open review of pedagogical knowledge of future teachers.

The organizer of this educational creative work associate Professor of the Department of pedagogy of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology Svetlana Zhumasheva pedagogical Olympiad is held annually to support the prestige of the teaching profession, the disclosure of pedagogical abilities of professionally-oriented youth, promotion of the best traditions of domestic pedagogical education.

So according to the program Svetlana Zhumasheva participants-students of pedagogical specialties «mathematics», «physics» and «informatics» on a distance tour showed their knowledge and creativity in the protection of «Portfolio of educational achievements» and the essay contest «Heart given to children». The formation of professional competence of future teachers was also promoted by the «Presentation of the specialty», the competition of thematic newspapers «Pedagogy in our life».

In the next round, «Ways of resolving contradictions and conflicts in the context of the integral pedagogical process of the school» the participants in the Olympiad compiled and offered their own solutions to educational quests and cases on various topics. Their pedagogical improvisation and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, in a particular situation, were evaluated.


Besides it, on the blitz tour «Experts in Pedagogy» participants showed their pedagogical knowledge, skills and abilities; at the competition «Pedagogical reading» students competed in the knowledge of domestic and world pedagogical classics.

The Olympiad ended with awarding the winners and musical performance of the creative group «Teacher».











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