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Anti-corruption is the duty of every citizen


Elimination of corruption risks in the activities of higher education institutions is aimed at improving the quality of future professionals and establishing transparency and openness.


In this regard, Abai KazNPU developed a Road map for combating corruption in the 2018/2019 academic year; Standard for combating corruption in Abai KazNPU; Concept of anti-corruption policy in Abai KazNPU; the Statute Of the Council for countering corruption in the University.


In order to implement the goals and objectives specified in the documents, February 08, 2019 at the Institute of pedagogy and psychology was organized an event «Corruption indet - zhoyu mindet». The event was organized by 1st year students of the specialty «5B010100 - Preschool training and education».


The event was attended by faculty and students of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology. The event was aimed at the formation of anti-corruption culture among students, the manifestation of intolerance to any manifestations of corruption, the active involvement of young people in anti-corruption activities.


During the event, the participants discussed issues in the field of corruption, urged everyone to maintain an active position in this direction and participate in improving the level of anti-corruption culture of teachers and students.





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