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Youth development is the basis of quality education


On 15 February 2019, the Department of pedagogy and psychology together with REHC «Baldauren-Kapchagay» held a round table to discuss the work on the creation of scientific and methodological center (Department) of Abai KazNPU, organized By the Republican entertainment center «Baldauren-Kapchagay».

The round table was opened by the Deputy Director for educational work of the branch of the Republican entertainment center «Baldauren-Kapchagay» Sandugash Kappasova. She acquainted with the purpose of the meeting.

Sandugash Kappasova noted that Center employees need psychological support, management, teachers and organizing teachers - trainings, courses in pedagogy and psychology, and also (during seminars conducted by the Center), trainings from the department are needed.

The head of the Department of pedagogy and psychology Aigerim Kusherbayeva told about the work of the department, relations with foreign universities. Doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor Jamilia Namazbaeva told about the activities of the department of general psychology and spiritual modernization program.

Doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor Ospan Sangilbayev proposed to conduct courses for employees on the topic «Relief from Stress» in March, and recommended conducting classes on employee health protection.

Turakhan Zhundubaeva believes that within the framework of communication with the department, it is possible to cover year-round «academic training» by inviting Center staff to lectures and trainings for professors arriving from foreign universities, or holding such lectures at the Center.

During the seminar, which was interesting and fascinating, it was proposed to conduct courses for teachers, organizers, teachers, leaders, as well as trainings on psychological inspiration. The structure of the center was presented in several versions. One of them is consistently approved by all participants of the round table.





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