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«From Heart to Heart»

On March 15, 2019, the teachers of the Department of «Pre-School Education and Social Pedagogy» of the Institute of Pedagogy and Education, PhD Dr. Assem Bulsekbayeva and Master Sagynysh Oshakpayeva with students of the specialty «5B012300- Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge» held a charity concert called «From Heart to Heart».

The director of the Іnstitute Berikzhan Almukhambetov opened the charity concert. In turn, Berikzhan Almukhambetov warmly welcomed the audience with good examples of kindness and human qualities.

One of the main tasks of the pedagogical team of the University, along with the training of young people, is its spiritual and moral education and the formation of a harmoniously developed personality, which can be useful to society, able to respect the older and take care of the younger generation.

All funds collected from the concert are directed to charity, to the orphanage «Nadezhda».







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