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Scientific methodological seminar «Modern University: teacher training strategies»

On the basis of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology of KazNPU, from 11 to 15 March, Professor of the Grinchenko Kiev University, doctor of pedagogical Sciences Anna Belinkaya held a scientific methodological seminar on the theme: «The Modern University: teacher training strategies» for undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists.

The purpose of the seminar is to reveal the actual problems of preschool education. The seminar discussed the role and place of the teacher in the formation of the system of values of the child of preschool age, as well as the communicative competence of the teacher in working with children.

The teaching staff of the Department of «Pre-school education and social pedagogy», undergraduates and doctoral students are actively involved in the seminar. The prospects for the development of preschool education in Ukraine were also discussed. An interested exchange of views took place.

Head of Department of «Preschool education and social pedagogy» Ulbosyn Kiakbaeva, summing up the seminar, stressed the importance of the issues.

In General, the seminar was fruitful, at a high scientific level. All participants noted that this scientific meeting will be remembered not only for the information component, but also for its content and novelty.On behalf of all participants of the seminar Ulbosyn Kiakbaeva expressed gratitude to Anna Belinkaya, best wishes and hope for further scientific cooperation with scientists of Ukraine.







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