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On the results of the trip of teachers and students of KazNPU to MCPU


On 20 March 2019, at the Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education, there was a discussion of the results of the trip of teachers (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Asel Akpaeva, master, Senior Teacher, Ekaterina Ryabova) and the 2nd year students of PMPE (Irina Romenskikh, Dinara Sambet) to the Moscow City Pedagogical University (MCPU) (held on February 11-23, 2019).


The purpose of the teachers` trip is to complete advanced training courses in the supplementary program of education «Actual problems of primary education (mathematical, natural science, speech aspects)» 72h. Supervisor: Marina Romanova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of teaching methods.


The purpose of the second-year students` trip is to complete the additional professional program «Problems of forming the culture of speech of younger schoolchildren» (36 hours) author: Antonina Bogdanova, Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of teaching methods.


The goal of the implementation of the program for students: To improve students` professional knowledge and skills in the field of teaching younger students culture of speech, to promote the mastery of future teachers in the system of methods and techniques for mastering primary school students of the language in a speech context. Students successfully completed the course and defended the project.


Negotiations were also held on the organization of double-diploma education, the conclusion of agreements on international student projects, the exchange of experience in the organization of training for future primary school students.


Marina Romanova, Julia Serebrennikova,  Anna Kalinichenko and many other teachers of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education of the Moscow City Pedagogical University, headed by the director Professor Alexander Savenkov daily devoted a lot of time to our colleagues and students. High-class specialists, authors of well-known works on pedagogy, psychology and teaching methods, willingly shared ideas and experiences. Our teachers and students participated in various events held by the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education.


The experience of holding an interdisciplinary event on the basis of the MCPU employer - in one of the central schools of the city of Moscow, it was decided to introduce the work of the Department of PMPE. The 3rd year students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education of the Moscow City Pedagogical University organized the STEM-festival for elementary school students. They picked up interesting tasks and games taking into account the age peculiarities of children`s development for thematic stations: science, technology, engineering, mathematics. Children are divided into groups and visit each station. The whole lesson takes one lesson, 10 minutes at one station. Children with great interest are included in this work! We thank colleagues from Moscow City Pedagogical University for a good idea. On April 11, 2019, at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology in the framework of the «Days of Science at Abai KazNPU» will be held the STEM - festival, which is organized by students of 2-3 courses. As well as a round table with undergraduates «STEM - education and primary school students».


We are also introducing the experience of the MCPU in conducting educational practice for younger students of the specialty pedagogy and the methodology of primary education. The content of the practice was developed, which included the study of museums and libraries of the city of Almaty.


At the meeting of the department it was noted that the purpose of the trip was successfully realized and were outlined the ways of further cooperation with the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education of the Moscow City Pedagogical University.







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