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Competition for research and social projects among students of grades 2-8 

The jury of the Republican contest of research works and social projects among students of grades 2-8 «Baldauren bіlgіrі-2019» includes teachers of the department «Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education» of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.

On June 5-6, 2019, the final stage of the Republican contest of research works and social projects Balduren bilgіrі-2019 was held at the educational and recreational center Baldauren-Kapshagay, which was attended by schoolchildren of 2-8 grades from all over Kazakhstan. The organizers note that the main goal of the competition is to develop intellectual and creative potential, to stimulate children`s research and teaching and cognitive activity. A trip to Baldauren-Kapshagay is the main prize for which the contestants have been fighting for several months. The winners had to pass the first stage (absentee selection) until May 28, the second stage (direct selection) took place on June 5-6.

Senior teachers of the department «Pedagogy and methods of primary education» also became members of the jury of the competition:

Bauyrzhan Zhankushkov and Aigul Safargaliyeva - in the direction «Consonance of Languages» (Kazakh language, Russian language, English language);
Zhupat Astambaeva - in the direction of «Digital Resources» (mathematics, applied mathematics);
Ekaterina Ryabova - in the direction of «Human Health» (biomedicine, medicine);
Akerke Umirbekova - in the direction of «Natural Sciences» (chemistry, biology, natural science, ecology);
Elmira Waidullakyzy - in the direction of the «Seven Facets of Steppe» (artistic work, architecture).

For a competent assessment of the level of training of the participants of the competition, the jury members were awarded «Algys khat». The work was carried out within the framework of the implementation of the «Ruhani zhangyru» program for 2019.










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