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Creative event «Personality of the teacher» was conducted


In honor of Teacher`s Day on October 5, 2019, at the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, as an open review of the educational achievements of future teachers, a collective creative event «Personality of the Teacher» was held.

This event, organized annually by the assistant professor of pedagogy at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Zhumasheva Svetlana Satybaldievna, is held with the goal of creating innovative abilities, professional interest and pedagogical creativity of future teachers.

The theoretical knowledge of students was tested on the main round of the festive event, where student groups defended «Self-Presentation» and took part in the blitz tour «Experts in Pedagogy». In addition, their managerial skills and professional skills were shown in the case study «Situations at school» when solving various contradictions and conflicts in secondary education institutions.

All participants were greatly impressed by the participation in the tour «The Personality of the Teacher in Poetry», which covered such pressing problems as the status of the teacher in modern society, the values and characteristics of the teaching profession, the work of the teacher, etc.

The significance of this event was also strengthened by the participation of student interns from various schools of the city of Almaty in a music tour.

This collective event is designed to contribute to the disclosure of the capabilities of each student, his pedagogical creativity and professional resources.











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