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The first ten days December of 2016 year, to Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University was invited doctor, professor, head of the Chair of Painting of the Art Faculty of the  Marmara University Mrs. Muzhde Ayan, who shared pedagogical experience with our students and gave  lecture on the daily routine of the Art Faculty  of the university. By inviting our students to share knowledge, she noted an important knowledge of the English language. After all, over 50% of university students Marmara are educated in English. And also showed watercolor technique master class.
On 5-8 December at the Museum of the main building of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, she organized his exhibition, where showed the technique of  works and gave an explanation. Doctoral candidate of our University Onal Abisheva translated from Turkish to Berikzhan Almukhambetov - Director of the Art Institute, culture and sports, Tokkozha Kozhagulov - head of the Chair of creative specialties. Muzhde Ayan sign of gratitude presented to Onal Tokkulovna their works.
Traditionally the director of the institute and head of the Chair did not release the guest with empty hands and presented Kazakh chapan, also expressed gratitude.

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