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On 18 March 2017 at the Department "Theory and Methods of Fine and Decorative and Applied Arts" among the undergraduates and doctoral students of the specialties "6М010700 / 6D010700- Fine Arts and Drawing" was held by the Coordination Advisory Council at which was listened a report about the scientific activities of researchers and foreign scientific internship.

Masters of 2nd years course of the specialty "6M010700 - Fine art and drawing" B.K. Kystaubayeva, S.G. Okhapova, A.K. Dairbayeva, S.D. Aitmuratova, M.S. Nurke passed a scientific internship at the Lithuanian University of Educational Science (Vilnius, Lithuania).

They attended a seminar on theme: "Education policy, review of Lithuanian art and culture, psychology of conflict, strategy of creativity development", received certificates, visited local seesights and collected scientific and theoretical materials in the framework of their research.

PhD doctoral student 3rd years course of the specialty "6D010700 - Fine arts and drawing" Zhanar Nebesayeva passed a scientific internship at the Siauliu University and received a consultation of the scientific adviser Asta Vaitkevicine from 21.10.2016 to 04.11.2016. (Lithuania, Siauliu).

PhD doctoral students of the 1st year course (Assem Abizhanova) and the 2nd year course of training (Kuralai Bekbolatova) of the specialty "6D010700 - Fine art and drawing " demonstrated their reports about the scientific works on the topic of their research.

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