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        On 27-28 March 2017 at the Department of "Musical Education and Choreography" held state examinations of students of the part -time education of the specialty "5B010600 - Music Education". State examination on the specialty consists from 2 sections: playing a musical instrument (piano, dombra, kobyz, bayan), conducting and managing the choir.

      Chairman of the state examination this year is Ritta R. Dzherdimaliyeva, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of T. Zhurgenov KazNAI.
      In the performance of the choir were following works : old student song "Gaudeamus", works of Kazakh classics - a folk song "Kamazhai" in the processing of L. Khamidi, "Almatym menin/ My Almaty" of M.Sagatov in the processing of B. Demeuov, "Togai arasynda" of M.Tulebayev, chorus "Тurganda kara ormanda" from the opera "Kyz Zhibek" by E. Brusilovsky; Works of Soviet classics - "Happiness" D. B. Kabalevsky and many others.
      Leader of the Consolidated Choir is candidate of pedagogical sciences , associate professor Svetlana Balagazova. Concertmaster: Alma Kapsadykova.

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