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NAURYZ - 2017

            21.04.2017.  Staff of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports celebrated Nauryz-2017 holiday.

           The purpose of the celebration of Nauryz is to strengthen peace and friendship in the land of Kazakhstan, care for preserving the environment, harmonious existence of man in nature and society.

       Students specializing in "Musical Education" and "Choreography" together with teachers under the direction of director Almat Kumarzhanov demonstrated the theatrical production of "Zhana kүn-zhana omіr, zharkyn beles! / New day-new life-bright future". Students of art education specialties "Fine Arts and Drawing", "Decorative and Applied Art", "Painting" showed an exhibition of applied art; Students of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sport"  performed a various kinds of sport contests.

         The beginning of the mass theatrical composition "Zhana kүn / New day" is revealed by the theme of Nauryz offensive: the choreographic episode "Zhyl basy / Begging of  the new year" is performed. The participants - Aldar-Kose, Zhas zhigit, Zhas Aru, Koktem, Kydyr-Ata.  "Alastau" and "Shashu"  ceremonies  were demonstrated. Dance team  performed "Shashu" dance.

        Then the choir sang the stage from the opera "Kyz-Zhibek" by E. Brusilovsky (soloists: Shege - 1st year student Mazhen Bekzat, aria Kyz-Zhibek "Gakku" - 3rd year student Botagoz Tursynbai). Also were Kazakh  songs:  Kazakh folk song "16 kyz" performed by the choir and soloist performed by the 4th year student Asset Kurmanbekov, as well as "Alkissa", "An shashu", "Kui tartys" and others.

         The celebration was completed with the mass performance of the "Kara-Zhora "dance.



















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