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A meeting on the theme «My weakness is the art of drawing»

On May 18, 2019, according to the plan dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first artistic and pedagogical higher education, with the support of the university rector Takir Balykbayev, a meeting was held with the honored art worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, full member of the Academy of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic, Russian, Prague, the owner of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a graduate of Abai KazNPU, Professor Yerbolat Tolepbai on the theme «My weakness is the art of drawing».

Rector of the University Takir Balykbayev made a welcoming speech. The evening was attended by the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as Professor Baitursyn Omirbekov, Berikzhan Almukhambetov and other guests, teachers and students of the institute and the department of «Аrt education».

At the meeting, the master of the brush shared her experience, works and achievements in art and life, spoke about the spiritual and moral significance of humanity, the nation, the younger generation. The rector of the university awarded the master with the anniversary medal of the university and handed souvenir. Director of the Institute of Art, Culture and Sports, Professor Tokkozha Kozhagulov thanked the famous artist on behalf of the Institute. In addition, the opening of the exhibition of artists of the art gallery of our university was held.
















Chair of Arts Education

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