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TEXTBOOK  FOR HIGHER EDUCATIONAL  INSTITUTIONS "MANGILIK EL" - This textbook is addressed to teachers, students, undergraduates, doctoral students, all of those who are interested in the problems of national education.


Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is the first institution of higher education in Kazakhstan.


The main activity of the Republican State Enterprise on the right of business " Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University" MES - ​​training of the teaching staff, as well as practicing professionals aimed at the creation and development of scientific potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The University provides education in the Kazakh and Russian languages on the basis of educational programs in accordance with a license to conduct educational activities baccalaureate and Master`s (State License series AB № 0137373, date of issue of the license Feb. 3, 2010 in Astana to conduct technical and vocational education, post-secondary, higher and postgraduate education without time limits) and has the right to issue diplomas of higher education of the state of the sample.


As the basic acts governing the nature, methods and means of the educational process are:

- The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education";

- The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Science";

- Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan ;

- The state program of patriotic education of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- The State Program of Education Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020.


The university created a system of internal regulations, the relevant legislation, which provides effective educational activities.


The priority directions of activity Abai KazNPU:

- providing high-quality training  on the basis of new educational and information technologies;

- dissemination of knowledge, the formation of skills and needs of the individual and society in intellectual, creative, spiritual and moral development, and skills development;

- the society as highly skilled and socially-adapted specialists.


Abai KazNPU defines the main purpose of the activity - providing quality education services to consumers of all levels: state, society, family, and personality.


At Abai KazNPU created a system of training that provides high quality education in a wide range of educational services, allowing you to react quickly to changes in the social order of society, the need for highly qualified personnel.


The basis of the work that is performed at all institutions (Faculty ), the departments, laboratories, a learning process and its substantive content.


Training of specialists held in the following areas:

- Education;

- Humanities;

- The right;

- Art;

- Social sciences and business;

- Natural sciences;

- Technical sciences;

- Services.


University more than 85 years is a scientific and methodological center of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of higher education.


Government Resolution №1500 from November 6, 1997 at the University established a military department. According to the military department are trained in two specialties: WCS-021001 - Fighting application of motorized rifle divisions, units and on infantry combat vehicles "; VSL-390200-Psychology.


At all institutions (faculty) introduced credit system of education that encourages independent work of the student provides the eligibility of individual learning paths, mobility, a greater degree of academic freedom, bachelors, masters, doctoral, promotes the recognition of qualifications in the world educational space.


The basis for the management of the educational process is the policy Abai KazNPU in quality. University policy in the field of quality focused on providing high-quality educational services, continuous development; meet the demands of all types of property. Working with consumers of educational services based on the principles of mutually beneficial partnership based on the maximum liability for the commitments.


Objectives and policies of the University harmoniously aligned with the strategic objectives and policies of the state in the field of education, the needs of economic and social modernization, maintenance of real competitiveness in the global educational space.