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Scientific projects


The innovative project "Device for the separation of a hydrocarbon gas mixture into components with specified properties by the convective diffusion method",which was presented at the Kazakhstan exposition "Creative energy" in the National pavilion "Nur-Alem" at the international exhibition EXPO-2017, Astana. The project manager: correspondent - member of the NAS RK, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Kossov.

The author`s separation method is based on the diffusion instability effect arising in gas mixtures. The proposed approach is a high-tech and environmentally safe way of separating gas mixtures.
The efficiency of the device being developed is determined by a continuous cleaning process, scalability and combination with other separating devices.
The use of the author`s technology makes it possible to significantly reduce the complexity of the hydrocarbon separation process, increase its energy efficiency, and improve the environmental situation in the areas of production, transportation and processing of natural gas.


More details about the project can be found in the following publication:










  According to the budget programs
At Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University  in 2016 were carried out 17 scientific-research projects worth 135 million 202 thousand 131 tenge, including:
1. In the framework of grant financing of the MES RK on the topics of fundamental research - 13 projects for a total amount of 109 826 643 tenge; - funded program 217 "Development of science"; Subprogram 102 "Grant funding for research". Priorities: "The intellectual potential of the country", "Management of natural resources, processing of raw materials and products"
2.In the framework program-oriented funding of MES RK - 2 projects amounting to 23,770,488 tenge;
3. According to commercial contracts - 2 projects amounting to 1.605 million tenge.
The implementation of funded projects took part 97 researchers, including 32 doctors of sciences, 17 candidates of sciences 3 PhD, 21 Masters, i.e., implementing academic degree amounted 75.25%. The number of young scientists under the age of 35 years, taking part in fundedprojects  amounted 20 people (20.6%).


In total, the projects funded by the MES RK in 2016, published 240 works. Including - 19 monographs. 3 manuals, 13 articles in journals with non-zero impact factor, indexed in the Thomson Reuters and Scopus.
Main results of the projects in 2016


In 2015 carried out 20 projects worth 164 million 899 thousand. 008 tenge, including 18 projects funded by the MES RK grants totaling 143 439 008 KZT, 1 project through the program-oriented funding the Foundation for Science in the amount of 21.16 million tenge 1 topic economic contracts in the amount of 300 thousand tenge.
The total number of projects 37% of the projects in the field of natural sciences, 21% of the projects - in the humanities; 37% of the projects - in the field of pedagogy and education; 5% - in the energy field.
The main research results are presented in publications. For projects in 2015 published 9 monographs, 4 textbooks, 4 methodical and electronic aids, 32 articles in journals with impact factor, 26 articles in journals of the Committee for Control in the field of Education and Science, 76 articles and abstracts in scientific collections of RK, 56 articles and abstracts in foreign countries, 34 articles and abstracts in the near abroad. Total results of the project was published in the publication of 241 project participants, representing 5% of the total number of scientific publications of the University teaching staff as a whole.