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Patent confirmation

Scientists at the University in 2016 received a 31 document of title to intellectual property, including 3 patents, 2 conclude the patent application, 28 patents. Posted 3 application for Eurasian patent.
Level of scientific publications  results in international journals,  2016

Citation Index of the academic staff,  2016


In 2015, was published 5462 papers, including publications 815 PhD students and undergraduates, 84 monographs, 540 textbooks and teaching aids, electronic textbook, 2043 articles in scientific journals and collections, 1771 reports in conferences , 209 articles in journals with impact factor.








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    The university is working on the protection of intellectual property rights. Thus, in the period 2003-2015 years teachers received 29 innovative patents, 149 copyright certificates. Patents obtained in the field of innovative technologies in energy, space and environmental protection. Copyright certificates obtained mainly on textbooks for secondary schools, approved and recommended by the MES RK on software products in the field of e-learning, the monograph.