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 Intybayeva Guldana Bakytbekovna
Chairman of the trade union committee of students

Almaty City, Kazybek bi str. 30, Office 204 A


Trade union organization of students KazNPU named after Abai brings together students, undergraduates, graduate students of the university.

In order to widely attract students to work actively trade union trade union committee of students at the university set up commissions in key areas of union activity: organization - media, educational - production, housing - home, sports - recreational, cultural - mass Commission and public scrutiny. Each committee has a head and members of the commission, which report on the meetings of the trade union committee. The results from each of the above commission.

Organizational - mass commission. The head of the commission - Zhunusova Elmira, 4th year student of the EHF. Working to improve the structure of trade union organization. To date, 10 trade union bureau + union group.

The focus of the commission focused on the organization and work of the school union activists in the trade union committee. At school, union activists studying and discussing issues related to the work plan on account of members of the trade union, the social protection of students, exchange of experiences in other trade union organizations. We invite Municipal Employees union organization of education and science "Parasat" Almaty, organized a seminar on the base camp "Svyazist" which was attended by members of the trade union and trade union bureau faculties.

Educational-Industrial Commission. Head - Baltayeva Akgul 3rd year student of FMF. One of the main tasks of the trade union organization - is to ensure good study.

The Commission carries out educational work within the group, curator hours with a discussion of the state of progress and discipline, conduct interviews with the poor students with an invitation to Dean, promoting students registered for the excellent study.

Housing and consumer commission. Head - Izbenova Gulzira 4th year student of the EHF. The university has 5 student dormitories. Working in hostels mostly organized by the student council and deans. Compositions of the Student Council are members of the trade union committee. They are drawn up joint work plans. The plan culture and sports and other events.

Cultural and sports  a recreation commission do a great job of improving the organization of leisure, recreation and physical education student. Leaders are 2nd year students PPF, Kopzhasaruly Erkanat, Slanuly Abzal.

The most important measures are: "Day of Knowledge", "Dedication to Students", "New year", "Nouryz", the meeting with the leaders of science, literature and art, war and labor veterans, exhibitions of creative works by students and amateur performances, visits to museum and theaters, sporting a variety of competitions.


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