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For graduates


Employment of graduates

The main aim and objective of the university in this direction is to actively promote employment of graduates, monitoring their professional and career growth.


The main measures to improve the employability of graduates are:

- the creation of an electronic database of employers` staffing vacancies on the results of the annual monitoring of the regional labor market. Arranging meetings graduates with potential employers;
- ensuring systematic monitoring of employment of graduates and their career growth, reflecting the results in an electronic data base of alumni;
- ensuring interaction with the services of employment on the basis of agreements on cooperation on employment of graduates;
- ensuring interaction with employers on issues of practical training for students and graduates employment on the basis of contracts and agreements with organizations for the training of specialists in the target contract preparation and provision through all types of practices in accordance with the academic calendar;
- promotion of social partnership by involving employers and other social partners in the verification procedure of professional knowledge and skills of students, reviewing theses, programming practices, participation in the State (final) certification.


The university has a department of practice and employment of graduates.

Department of practice and employment of graduates is part of the school management. The main objective of the department is to promote the employment of graduates in educational institutions.

- assisting faculties and departments in the organization of training and practice under the academic calendar;
- cooperation with local authorities, including the territorial bodies of public service employment, public organizations and associations interested in improving the situation in the labor market;
- collection, compilation, analysis, and provide students with information on the status and trends of the labor market, on the requirements graduate jobs, the formation of a data bank of vacancies offered by the employer by appropriate specialties;
- improving the competitiveness and awareness of students and graduates on the state and trends of the labor market in order to maximize their employment opportunities;
- сarrying out organizational activities (job fairs, career days, presentations, business and employers` organizations, etc.)


All leaders have pointed out that the specialty of graduates fit the profile, that the level of knowledge of professionals is fully compliant.


Most managers are fully satisfied with the theoretical knowledge, training and knowledge of special subjects, as well as the skills of planning and organization of production (labor) of an original and innovative approach to solving production problems.


Analysis of demand for graduates systematically carries out the rector, deans and producing department. Installed and operate long-term relations with companies and organizations, including enterprises with basic training on target.