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The Republic of Kazakhstan is the first Central Asian state - a member of the Bologna process and a full member of the European Higher Education Area. Date March 11, 2010 went down in history of Kazakhstan`s higher education as a day of signing of the Bologna Declaration by the decision of the Committee of Ministers of Education of the Bologna process (46 countries).

The Republic of Kazakhstan became the 47 countries of the Bologna process. The goal of Kazakhstan`s participation in the Bologna process - improving access to European education, further enhancing the quality and increasing the mobility of students and staff through the adoption of a system of comparable levels of higher education, the use of loans, issuance of graduates Kazakh universities European Diploma Supplement.

Kazakhstan`s accession to the Bologna process will ensure adhered by Kazakhstan`s educational programs, curricula, academic mobility of students and teachers, the convertibility of national diplomas in the European region, the right graduates for employment in any country.

The signing of the Bologna Declaration of the Republic of Kazakhstan assumes the obligations to comply with its basic settings. Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai was recognized by the university on the international scene. KazNPU named after Abai first among universities of Kazakhstan signed the Magna Charta of Universities in the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2007.

The Bologna Process at the State level was founded in 1999. Since then, the Great Charter of Universities includes about 600 universities in the world. The main objective VHU - consolidation efforts  scientific community and European governments to significantly improve the competitiveness of the European system of science and higher education on a global dimension. Within the boundaries of this space must act uniform conditions for the recognition of diplomas, employment and mobility of citizens, which should greatly improve the competitiveness of the European labor market and educational services.

11-12 March 2010 at the II Forum of Ministers of the Bologna education of the countries - members of the Bologna process (in Budapest, Hungary and Vienna on Austria) Kazakhstan joined the Bologna Declaration of 47 and became a member country of the Bologna process.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is the first Central Asian state, which had the honor to join the Bologna Declaration and became a full member of the European educational space.

Kazakhstan`s accession to the Bologna Process provides some opportunities for Kazakh universities and students:

1) Bringing the national educational programs and curricula in line with European standards;

2) The recognition of national qualifications and academic degrees;

3) Ensuring academic mobility of students and teachers;

4) Credit transfer students Kazakh universities in foreign universities and vice versa;

5) Implementation of joint educational programs;

6) The creation of conditions to ensure the convertibility of Kazakhstan diplomas of higher education in the European region and the right graduates for employment in any country.

The main purpose for which the traffic moves in the international educational space - Quality assurance of higher education of Kazakhstan in accordance with international standards, improving its attractiveness and competitiveness.

One of the basic principles of the Bologna Declaration is the academic mobility of students and teachers

In the decade up to 2020 we will achieve a high level of quality in higher education that meets the needs of the labor market problems of industrial-innovative development of the country, the identity and relevant international best practices in the field of education.

Kazakhstan can succeed in this effort only if it is possible to use the skills and abilities of its citizens will be fully involved in the process of learning throughout life, and to increase participation in higher education.

Education, focused on results, and mobility will help students develop the competencies they need to adapt to a changing labor market, and that will enable them to become active and responsible citizens.


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