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Employment of the Defectology specialty graduates 2

Employment of the Defectology specialty graduates1

Moment of signing the Bilateral Agreement between Abai KazNPU and Pomeranian Academy of Slupsk (Poland).

Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports

Chair of preschool education and social pedagogy

Student spring festival "YOUTH: CREATIVITY.INNOVATION" finished

Cognitive contest "As children of one family "

State symbols are my pride!

Congratulations Andong National University with the 70th anniversary!

Команда КазНПУ на Олимпиаде по русскому языку и литературе в Астане 2017

Электронный каталог научной библиотеки КазНПУ им.Абая


Оrigins of the pedagogy of humanism and modernity", dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the outstanding Turkic thinker Yusuf Balasagun

Flash mob from foreign students and listeners

The wishes of pupils to teachers, trainees


External evaluation of educational achievements (new program in Kazakh language)

External evaluation of educational achievements (new program in Russian language)

A new format for the delivery of the foreign language testing (in russian language)

A new format for the delivery of the foreign language testing

Мұқағали Мақатаев 85 жаста

University history and present

Қазақстан - Мәнгілік ел!

Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

Chair of Russian philology for foreigners 2015

Nauryz 203

Тілдер күні

1 сентября 2013 г. в КазНПУ им.Абая

КазНПУ Астана 15 жыл

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