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Kulsariyeva Aktolkyn Turlukhankyzy

Aktolkyn Kulsariyeva, doctor of philosophical science

Present Position: Vice-rector for academic affairs (Vice-Chancellor)

Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University

13 Dostyk, Almaty city

Kazakhstan, 050010



Year (from -to) University Degree

1986-1991 Leningrad State University Saint Petersburg, Russia High education Specialized in Ethics, Aesthetics and Theory of Culture

Year (from -to) Other relevant qualification Degree

1998 Defense of Candidates Thesis "Dialogue of Cultures: Communication Possibilities of the Cultural Style Academic Degree: Candidate of Sciences in the Theory of Culture Academic Title: Associate Prof. in Cultural Studies

2007 Defense of Doctoral Thesis "Interpretation as the phenomenon of Civilization" Academic Degree: Doctor of Sciences in the Theory of Culture Academic Title: Full Professor in Cultural Studies

Professional appointments:

Year (from -to) Job title Company

2011-present Vice-rector for academic affairs Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University Almaty, Kazakhstan

2010-2011 Dean of Philosophy and Political Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Science Faculty. Almaty, Kazakhstan

2008-2010 Director of Administrative Department Al Farabi Kazakh National University Almaty, Kazakhstan

1991-2008 Associate Professor Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2012 Corresponding member National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Honors & Grants:

20011-2012 Al Farabi KazNU Fundamental Research

2009-2011 Al Farabi KazNU Fundamental Research

2010 Japan, University Tsuquba Fundamental Research

2008 World Philosophical Congress Asian Philosophical Association.

Korea University

2008 UCL, London (Individual mobility)

2007 “Best teacher” State Grant

2007 EUVP, Brussel Euro Union Visitors Program

2006 “DA” International platform, Turkey Governmental grant

2003-2004 “Zerde” Public Found

2002 Found “Soros” Research grant

Professional membership:

Asian Philosophical Association

Courses taught:

Graduate: “Lingocultural studies”.

Undergraduate: “Interpretation as phenomenon of Civilization”.

Supervision for PhD students:

1. Jetibayev E. “Spiritual values in Shakarims worldview”.

2. Ebekeeva S. “Animal’s style in Kazakh culture”.

3. Sikimbayeva D. “The features of formation and realization of policy of Republic of Kazakhstan toward religions”.

The conference participation (last 5 years):

1. “Rethinking of Philosophy”, International Congress, Seoul, South Korea, 2008

2. Changing of capitals in XX century, International conference, Astana 2008.

3. Theory of interpretation and experience, contemporary issues of comparative literature studies, Almaty, 2006.

4. International scientific-practical conference “Language policy and philosophy of foreign language education”,2006. Almaty.

5. “Values of intellectual World. International conference, Magnitogorsk, 2006.

6. Republic scientific-methodological seminar “Traditional and innovative approaches to the formation of language competence as element of intercultural education of student”, 2006, Minsk.

7. “Ethno social and confessional processes in modern world”. International conference, Grodno, 2006.

8. “Comparative analyses of humankind and national in philosophy”. International conference, Saint Petersburg, 2006.

9. Tavria readings of Tavria national university. Simpheropol, 2005.

10. “Kazakhstan cultural heritage”, International conference, Almaty, 2005

11. “Russia-Asia: formation of national awareness ”, scientific conference, Ulan Ude, 2005

12. “Philosophy and future of civilizations” Russian philosophical congress, Moscow, 2005

Publications (last 5 years):

1. Kulsariyeva A.T (2010). The idea of Independent Kazakhstan is Jeruik Kazakhstan. Kazakh Almanac,27- 36.

2. Kulsariyeva A.T (2010). The openness of Eurasian civilization for dialogue. Global science communications. Cranendonck, 4-8.

3. Kulsariyeva A.T, Masalimova A.R (2010) Cultural marginality in the modus of human being. Communication: metaphysics and meta discourse, Saint Petersburg,140-148,

4. Kulsariyeva A.T , Masalimova A.R (2009). Features of religious identification of modern youth and

some aspects of state confessional policy of Republic of Kazakhstan, Interrelation of government and religious confessions in modern educational space // Materials of international scientific-practical conference. Pyatygorsk, 134-142.

5. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008) Multi linguism as a condition of dialogue of cultures. “Communication strategies of information society”. // Materials of II international scientific-theoretical conference, Saint Petersburg, 10-14.

6. Kulsariyeva A.T (2009) All because of mass media. International scientific journal “Science and life of Kazakhstan”, 42-46.

7. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008).The area of culture and civilization. Civil society and social progress in XXI century. // Materials of II Congress of Sociologists of Turkish countries and III Congress of Sociologists of Kazakhstan.

8. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Cultural studies and aesthetics. Teaching methodological textbook. 74.

9. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). The role of celebration in culture. Collection of conference INCAPA 2008 ideas of Asian community aspirations for a harmonized world order. Fatih University Press. 289-293

10. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Specific features of existentialism of Shakarim. Herald of KazNU. 92-96.

11. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Aesthetics and religious art. Manual textbook. Kazakh university. 92.

12. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Translation as a phenomenon of civilization. Rethinking of philosophy. Seoul. 13-14.

13. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Philosophy and style of city. Changing of capitals in XX century. 227-233.

14. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Language through the prism of cultural heritage. Russia-Asia: mechanisms of keeping and modernization of ethnicity. Ulan Ude. 79-81.

15. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Modern culture and mass media. Contemporary issues of modern Kazakhstan political sciences. Almaty: KazMU, 97-102.

16. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Cultural concept is a national mythological display. Domestic Turkish studies: issues, studying, results // Materials of international scientific-theoretical conference. 57-60.

17. Kulsariyeva A.T (2008). Comparative analyses of humankind philosophy and national philosophy. Materials of All-Russian conference. Saint Petersburg,37-39.

18. G.Esim, T.Gabitov, N. Baitenova, Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). Cultural studies. Manual textbook. Almaty, Kazakh University, 318.

19. Kulsariyeva A.T (2006).Gender policy or male scary views. International cultural studies Journal “DA”, 36-40.

20. Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). Philosophy as recognition of oneself as philosopher. Modern challenges and philosophy // Materials of round table. Bishkek. 58-65.

21. Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). Value and cultural heritage. Values of intelligent world. Magnitogorsk, 74-78.

22. Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). Interpretation and civilization. Monograph. Shymkent, 184.

23. Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). Interpretation as phenomenon of dialogue of culture. Scholar’s writings of Tavria national University. Simpheropol, 151-153.

24. G.Esim, N. Baitenova, Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). Manual textbook. Almaty, Kazakh university. 24.

25. G.Esim, T.Gabitov, N. Baitenova, Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). Culture and civilization. Manual textbook. Almaty, Kazakh university, 17,4.

26. Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). National mentality, national language and the problem of interpretation. Materials of international conference “Ethno-social and confessional processes in modern society”. Grodno, 385-388.

27. N. Baitenova, Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). Bases of religions studies. Manual textbook. 24.

28. Kulsariyeva A.T (2006). National language as cultural heritage. Traditional and innovative approaches to the formation of language competence as element of intercultural education of student. Materials of republic conference, 66-71.

29. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). Culture and civilization within the context of globalization. Formation periods of Independent Kazakhstan. Materials of conference,35-39.

30. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). Language aspects of adaptation to the globalization. Kazakhstan civilization:

Human socialization and adaptation // Materials of international conference, 112-116.

31. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). National language is a cultural heritage and cultural value. History of philosophy and modern time. II Kasimjanov readings // Materials of international conference. 143-147.

32. T.Gabitov, Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). Cultural heritage as scientific issue. II Kasimjanov readings // Materials of international conference, 117-124.

33. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). Interpretation of cultural heritage is a lingvo cultural studying. Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan // Materials of international scientific conference. 260-267.

34. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). Gender aspects of interpretation. Gender studying, gender policy and female movement in Central Asia countries: attempt of diagnosis. Collection of articles of international conference, 282-287.

35. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). The role of interpretation as mediator of intercultural communication in nationality. Russia-Asia: becoming of national awareness // Collection of thesis’s of scientific conference. Ulan Ude, 91-93.

36. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). About marginal nature of interpreter. Journal “Akikat”, 63-67.

37. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). About interpretation processes in Kazakh culture. Journal “Saiasat”, 24-27.

38. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). Philosophy of interpretation in essay of J. Derrida “Around the Babylon towers”. Philosophical almanac, 18-23.

39. Kulsariyeva A.T (2005). Interpretation as cultural mediator. Philosophy and future of civilization // Thesis’s of reports of IV All-Russian Philosophical Congress, 325-326.

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