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Events for the organization of the spring semester

On January 13-14, 2021, an hour of mentoring was organized and held with students of 1-4 courses of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography, studying in the specialty 6B05301-Chemistry as an informational and explanatory work «Events for the organization of the spring semester». The meeting was held via the ZOOM platform.

The meeting discussed the advantages and disadvantages of formats for online/offline learning in the context of the current pandemic. The group`s advisors were introduced to epidemic precautions during their training at the university in an offline format. A conversation was held about the organization of the educational process of the second semester, including the conduct of laboratory classes in chemistry with students of groups studying in the scientific direction. With the improvement of the sanitary and epidemiological situation, students studying in the scientific direction will be invited in February to conduct laboratory classes in chemistry at the university.


Due to the fact that this topic is relevant, showed great interest and asked many questions, to which they received clear answers. Parents and relatives of some students were also present.










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