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Specifics of studying at a university with an academic subscription


In April 2021, the Institute of History and Law will host the decadal event «Science Month-2021». On April 8, 2021, a scientific webinar was held on the topic: «Specifics of studying at a university with an academic subscription».

The speaker of the webinar is Edilbay Ospan, a graduate of the Bolashak program, Master`s student of the University of Nottingham in England. He gave several examples of how to write scientific papers and articles at the university at the academic level, as well as outlined the best foreign experience.

On the example of the fact that in our country, when writing scientific papers, much attention is paid to the theoretical direction, practical problems remain in the shadow, the work is relevant, for the disclosure of the content, in the process of writing, it is important to correlate theory with practice.


Among the 100 textbooks translated into Kazakh under the program of Rukhani Zhangyru, he separately focused on the books, indicating the presence of works in this field. Edilbay Ospan noted that in order to increase the authority of Kazakhstan`s scientific works on the world stage, it is necessary to pay more attention and attention to these conditions. This word of the lecturer made the audience think.


During the webinar, the participants asked several questions to the lecturer on the academic subscription and gave comprehensive answers to these questions. The event was fruitful for all parties.







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