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Festive event «Er esimі-el esіnde»


On May 6, 2021, at the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education, a festive event «Er esimі-el esіnde» was organized by 113 groups of the Department of Foreign Languages and the group`s adviser A.B Kashkeeva.

During the event, students recited poems and presented informational and educational materials about the Great Patriotic War. During the online educational hour, students learned about the events of those years and paid a minute`s silence to the memory of our ancestors, who heroically fought for the Victory against Fascism. Poems «Warriors», «Dialogue of Aliya and Manshuk», «I hate war!», «Victory», as well as the monologue «Letter from Manshuk», dedicated to Aliya Moldagulova and Manshuk Mametova, Heroes of the Soviet Union and Baurzhan Momyshuly, a renowned military leader, were performed. During an open lesson, a thematic Quiz was played. The 1st year student of the faculty «Foreign language: two foreign languages» Kuanysh Taiteliev took an active part in the game.

The students, Ibragim Nizamiddin and Yrysty Aytkozha told memorable stories about their veteran grandfather Ashirgazy Sasabekov, who served in the 8th Guards Division and returned safely from the battlefield.

Students of group 113 SSO passed the challenge to all students of the Abai KazNPU. The topic of the challenge is «A Thousand Thanks to Veterans».

The event was attended by E.S. Kasenov, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education, and senior lecturers of the Foreign Languages Department G.R. Nurekeshova and G.J. Esmuratova. They expressed their gratitude to the organisers for such an event, which plays a great role in the patriotic education of young people.






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