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Startup projects competition «Startup Bolashak: Menin Armanym»


Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan announces the 4th season «Startup Bolashak: Menin Armanym» which is startup-projectcompetition in the reality show format.


The purpose of the Competition: support of socially significant business initiatives of young entrepreneurs aimed at improving the standards of quality of life, as well as the transfer of advanced knowledge and technology into the socio-economic life of the country.


Target audience: beginning entrepreneurs aged 16-29.


Stages of the Competition.

Qualifying rounds. Period: untill May. Participants submit online applications and take part in offline selection on according to the schedule. The number of participants is not limited.


Participants pass trainings and defend their projects, mentors select participants who will get access to the quarter-finals.


Quarter final. At this stage, selected participants will invited to the cities of Almaty, Atyrau, Shymkent, Pavlodar, Karaganda (according to their regions). Preparatory trainings for the participants are held. For the quarter-finals, participants must prepare a prototype. According to the results of the projects protection, at least 150 projects will be selected for the expert jury, which will be selected online by video. At the end of the online selection will be allowed at least 32 participants who will have access to participate in television games.


Semifinal. At this stage, selected 32 projects will invited to Nur-Sultan city for television filming of the Competition. For participants, preparatory training for public speaking, training for the preparation of presentations, business training, preparation for television shooting, speech and project protection are held. 16 participants will selected.


The final. 16 participants, who passed to the semi-final will participate in games and present their projects in a television studio Nur-Sultan city.


4 best projects will be held in the Super Final of the competition and will be able to compete for first place.


Super Final. Final presentations of 4 projects from the contest finalists. Determining the winner of the fourth season.


Commercialization Office of Abai KazNPU is the coordinator of this project in Almaty.


Contact details: 30, Kazybek bi, educational building № 1, room 218. Tel: 291-64-58


To submit an application, as well as receive more detailed information about the Contest, follow the link.



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