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Application for the selection of a candidate for a vacant position


Vacancy is closed

Vacant position:


The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

- to monitor and analyze the effective distribution of the auditorium fund;

- take part in the work on the implementation of quality management system (QMS), anti-corruption quality management system (AQMS);

- carry out the necessary preparatory work related to the participation of the University in various exhibitions, forums and other public events;

- to carry out office work and documentation in the scope of functional duties;

- to store the relevant information on paper and electronic media.

Main job responsibilities:

- to take part in the activities of the University on the organization of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Standard Rules for the Activities of Educational Organizations Implementing Educational Programs of Higher Professional Education;

- participate in the preparation of draft annual work plans of the department;

- to exercise control over the observance at the institutes, faculty of the University of the Rules for organizing the educational process on credit technology of education;

- to carry out current control over the implementation of the teaching load of the teaching staff of the departments in the current academic year;

- control the conduct of training sessions in accordance with the approved schedules and schedules;

- to carry out current operational work on behalf of the Director of the Department of Academic Affairs;

- observe safety precautions when performing their duties;

- supports the policy of informing the University management about potential or existing violations of the anti-corruption policy, the conflict of interest resolution policy and the requirements of other internal regulatory documents of the University on anti-corruption.

Business trip:




Required professional experience (duration, scope, other)

Work experience in higher educational institutions or other educational organizations for at least 3 years

Professional competencies:


Personal competencies and qualities:

Ability to work in a team, hard work, decency, responsiveness, striving for excellence in their activities

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages that the candidate must speak)

Kazakh, Russian, English will be an advantage

Computer skills:

Ability to work with programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint

CV submission deadline:

Until January 15, 2022

The contact person: tel: 8 (727) 291-07-29









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