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Regulations for admission to the Master`s program

Persons who have mastered educational programs of higher education are admitted to a Master`s program.


Admission of persons to the Master program, including targeted training, is carried out on a competitive basis based on the results of comprehensive testing (hereinafter - CT) or entrance examinations.


Admission of the applications to the magistracy and doctoral studies is conducted 2 times a year through the information system of the National Testing Center ( in the following terms:

Admission of documents to the magistracy:
1) from June 1 to July 15 of the calendar year;
2) from November 1 to 15 of the calendar year.
Comprehensive testing (CT) is conducted in the following terms:
1) from July 20 to August 10 of the calendar year;
2) from November 18 to December 11 of a calendar year.
- Certificate of CT conducted in the period from July 20 to August 10 shall be valid until December 1 of the calendar year.
- The CT certificate held from November 18 to December 11 is valid until March 1 of the following year.
Creative examinations for applicants to the Master`s program are held on the following dates:
1) from 16 to 25 July of the calendar year;
2) from December 13 to December 15 of a calendar year.
Admission to a Master degree program is held within the following deadlines:
1) from 15 to 28 August of the calendar year;
2) December 26 - January 10 of the following year.

Detailed information on the Master`s program:



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